Outsourcing Success: a principle-based model to bring you results




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Outsourcing has become a mainstream business
model in a short time, but many outsourcing relationships fail.
Outsourcing does not need to be a risky business at all. By
applying the right principles, an organization can make better
decisions and realize the benefits of successful outsourcing
without enduring a stressful learning curve.

The book provides a useful three-level model showing how
an organization must act in order to move from being a passive
participant to becoming a competent and successful
outsourcer. The author addresses the main issues and gets
to the heart of the matter in a practical, readable style.

Challenges are reduced to their proper proportion and the
reader is briefed with clear solutions for real-world problems.
The book gives powerful insights and straightforward
principles for any organization that is already involved in
or considering outsourcing any of its activities.